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Mack Defense, LLC

Mack Defense, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mack Trucks, Inc.

Mack Defense, LLC is responsible for the sale of Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks (to include parts) to all Federal/Ministerial level customers globally.


Since World War I, our nation’s soldiers have relied on Mack trucks to provide the transportation and construction infrastructure that is critical to meeting the demands necessary to preserve our freedom.

Mack is proud of its history and support of the military. From the green fields of Europe to the sands of the Middle East, Mack has played a vital role in our military’s successful history. Mack’s famous “Bulldog” nickname was started during WWI by the British Tommys who, when facing daunting terrain, would yell, “Send in the Mack Bulldogs.” Mack continues to answer the call today with reliable trucks that deliver superb performance in even the most severe environments and over the toughest terrain.

Read more about how Mack has provided dependable vehicles and platforms for the US military in Geared For Victory.


1915 – The first Mack AC Model rolls out of the factory.

1916 – Mack builds an armored truck for the first Armored Motor Truck Battery of the New York State National Guard.

1918 – our AC trucks earn the Bulldog moniker from the British soldiers for their tenacity on the battlefields of Europe.

1919 – the U.S. Army completes a cross-country trek over the Lincoln Highway route driving Mack AC trucks to promote road-building efforts. Future president Dwight D. Eisenhower was in this convoy.

1942 – all manufacturing efforts focus on building trucks to support the war effort. Mack receives the Army-Navy E Award for outstanding war equipment production.

1955 – the Mack M123 model becomes the army’s 10-ton prime mover and provides decades of support to the military.

1978 – The Mack Model RM6866RS heavy truck was produced for the Australian Army in several variants including cargo, dump truck, tanker, tractor and wrecker. Prototypes of this military truck were built in 1978. An order was placed in 1981 for a total of 906 vehicles. Deliveries to the Australian Army commenced in 1982 and all of these were delivered by 1986.

2006 – Mack partners with VSE Corporation and Forschler & Associates to transform its Granite® model into an armored military line haul tractor prototype, offering maximum protection in the most unforgiving environments.

2006 – Mack partners with Force Protection on the Buffalo, a thickly armored mine disposal truck that finds and disarms deadly IEDs used in the Iraqi and Afghanistan campaigns.

2012 – Mack Defense, LLC is created, aligning the North American defense division of the company with other Volvo Group defense organizations globally. Together Mack Defense, Renault Trucks Defense, Acmat Defense, and Volvo Defense form the Volvo Group Governmental Sales entity. With this global cooperation, the product lines and operations amongst divisions can be shared in efforts to continually improve customer satisfaction and support.

2015 – Mack Defense is awarded the Canadian Army’s Medium Support Vehicle System contract, the largest single award for Mack since WWII

2018 – Mack Defense realigns with Mack Trucks, Inc. January 1, 2018.

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