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Our mission is to connect members and veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families to strong jobs and strong, flexible employers mindful of the dedication required to support the nation's defense and Commonwealth's protection. Simply put, after taxpayers invest billions in the strongest National Guard, a good job is a critical tool to recruitment and retention strategies of the Pennsylvania National Guard.   

So if you're looking for motivated, hard-working job candidates? You have come to the right place. 

Please know, the fees you pay to post jobs support the mission of the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) a not-for-profit organization solely focused on the members, veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families. 

While we are 100% Guard and Pennsylvania-focused, we are confident the PNGAS Jobs Board will serve all citizens to find good jobs and good employers across the nation. 

In support of the PNGAS mission, we offer a variety of options to post your jobs or search through submitted resumes (below). 

Job Postings

  • You may choose to hide your company name and/or location if desired.
  • You may add screening questions to your posting to help identify the top candidates.
  • Use our applicant tracking features including messaging applicants, adding notes to applicants, forwarding applicants to other staff.

Resume Search

  • Search for passive candidates through our resume database.
  • Organize resumes into folders and add recruiting notes.
  • Contact candidate with link to existing job if desired.
  • Other tracking features.

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We have four easy ways to participate:
1. Free Code: We provide a free code so any employer can test-drive the system and post jobs for free. 
2. $35 - Featured Job PostingThis job will be displayed on the home page and will receive more exposure and clicks. 
3. $1,500 - Featured Employer: This 12-month engagement makes your firm a Featured Employer with automated nightly-job sweep, and job marketing by the PNGAS team.
4. $3,500 - Commonwealth Club with Featured Employer (most popular package)All of the Featured Employer benefits, plus more job marketing, and engagement in support of the PNGAS mission helping members and families of the Pennsylvania National Guard

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