Enrollment Counselor/Military Specialist, Traditional Undergraduate Students (TUG)

Geneva College | Beaver Falls, PA

Posted Date 3/02/2023

Summary of Responsibilities: The Enrollment Counselor/Military Specialist – Traditional Undergraduate Students (TUG) at Geneva is the primary externally facing representation of the mission of the college. Tasked with recruiting and counseling prospective students (and their families), the enrollment counselor is the face of the college for future students and alumni of Geneva College.


Essential Responsibilities: (These essential responsibilities are those the individual must be able to perform unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.)

The Enrollment Counselor/Military Specialist – Traditional Undergraduate Students (TUG) will have a caseload for which they are the content expert. They will make day-to-day decisions for their primary caseload. This position is tasked to develop enrollment strategies that best meet the needs of their respective caseloads and are supported by Geneva’s overall recruiting and enrollment plans. They are responsible for annual assessment of recruiting effectiveness and opportunities to inform future enrollment activities.

Central to the daily tasks of the Enrollment Counselor/Military Specialist – Traditional Undergraduate Students (TUG) manages all enrollment activity related to their assigned potential applicants. This activity includes counseling students and families on admission requirements, financial aid, veteran/military benefits, and college transition. These duties include:

  1. Core Duties:
    1. Represent the College to all external stakeholders in an honest and positive way
    2. Live and breathe the mission of the college
    3. Be able to clearly communicate the value of Geneva to prospective students and families
    4. Demonstrate exceptional relational skills
    5. Think constructively and creatively to identify and nurture new enrollment pipelines
    6. Display a willingness to grow, develop, and be challenged in day-to-day work.
  2. Caseload Management and Development
    1. Recruit undergraduate students who are active, inactive, or dependents of military/veteran students, in addition to undergraduate students within an assigned geographic territory.
    2. Serve as the primary point of contact and customer service representative to prospective students and to applicants providing consistent, accurate and timely information to recruit for Geneva’s program offerings via phone, email, and mail correspondence.
    3. Meet defined enrollment goals, including lead generation and stage-to-stage conversions which directly relate to tuition revenue generation and impact the financial health of the college.
    4. Provide basic financial aid information to prospective students and connect them with the proper Financial Aid Office staff member.
    5. Understand and clearly articulate all educational benefits relevant to this military audience, collaborating with key individuals in the Student Financial Services Office.
    6. Travel regularly and represent Geneva at fairs, conferences, military bases or other events to promote and recruit prospective students.
    7. Conduct campus tours to prospective students as requested.
    8. Utilize the Geneva College CRM system to run required reports and to document daily student contact and interactions.
    9. Serve as one of the college’s School Certifying Officials in matters related to the Veterans Administration (VA).
  3. General Support for students and the college
    1. Serve as a liaison and at times, consult with internal departments, providing information and advice regarding benefits, resources and other enrollment matters. Such areas may include advising needs, course registration concerns, processing/timing of financial resources, etc.)
    2. In partnership with Student Financial Serivces and Enrollment & Marketing leadership - explore potential partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), in line with priorities of the college priorities and the military recruitment plan, opening gateways for the recruitment of students among the veteran and military communities.
  4. Performance, Decision Making, and Development and Other Duties
    1. This position is critical to financial sustainability and success of the college. As such, successful candidates must demonstrate a natural drive to perform and meet enrollment targets. As part of the annual review process all Counselors are reviewed on their ability to successfully recruit students and meet enrollment targets.
    2. The successful candidate will be provided with opportunities for professional development and growth.
    3. In addition to the core duties of the job, all Counselors will have the opportunity to take on additional areas of responsibility and decision making based on their professional experience, aptitude, and interest.
    4. All Counselors at Geneva are on a development track that will reward high-performing staff and provide opportunity for professional growth.
    5. In addition to the listed job duties, all staff will be asked to perform other duties as assigned, to assist the college, and for the individual’s professional career development. Additionally, all Counselors will attend meetings, trainings, and other professional development opportunities as directed.


Exhibits behavior that is consistent with and supportive of Geneva’s mission, vision, core values, and standards of conduct:

  1. Geneva Mission Statement: Geneva College is a Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor.
  2. Vision Statement: Geneva College will inspire students to integrate faith in Christ into all aspects of life in the real world, and to serve faithfully within their callings for Christ and Country.
  3. Core Values:
    1. Serve with grace
    2. Pursue Godly wisdom
    3. Foster academic strength
    4. Engage culture faithfully
    5. Inspire vibrant hospitality
    6. Honor one another
  4. Standards of Conduct: Employees of Geneva College will affirm upon hire, and annually thereafter, their promise to abide by the College’s Standard of Conduct Policy. All employees must conduct their personal affairs so there can be no opportunity for unfavorable reflections upon the Christian beliefs and mission of the College, either expressed or implied. It is expected that employees will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with biblical standards, values, and character. These standards of personal conduct do not apply to family members and/or friends of the employee.


Job Requirements - Administrative:

  1. General: Individuals must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed or be able to explain and demonstrate that they can perform the essential responsibilities of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations in order to safely perform the essential responsibilities of the job.
  2. Physical: Must be able to perform the following: talking, hearing, and seeing. Must have sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate all office equipment including, but not limited to: computers, printers, copiers, scanners, and telephones.
  3. Confidentiality: Individuals must recognize that management of data, including personal information, grades, budgets, programs and policies is necessary to the operation of the College. Such information must be kept private and confidential for the protection of the College and to obey Federal and/or State laws. Should there be doubt as to whether a certain matter is to be protected, it should be discussed with your supervisor before making a disclosure.
  4. Mental: Must be able to reason, analyze, prioritize, conceptualize, make judgments, and solve problems.



  1. Minimum:
    1. Education: Bachelor’s degree
    2. Experience: 1-3 years of relevant experience and/or experience in working with military/veterans
    3. Character and Values:
      1. Demonstrated affinity to the mission of the college
      2. Natural communicator and relationship developer
      3. Willingness to grow, develop, and be challenged in day-to-day work.
    4. Skills and Abilities:
      1. Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills
      2. Ability to effectively present Geneva’s value proposition to audiences of up to 100 people
      3. Have a valid driver's license and insurable status and be willing to travel off campus.
    5. Christian Commitment: Eligible candidates must be a thoughtful and articulate Christian and an active member of a Protestant evangelical Christian church. Preference will be given to candidates who support and have an articulate understanding of the Reformed faith. The individual must understand and support the College’s “Foundational Concepts of Christian Education” by expressing an evangelical Christian profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to integrate a Christian perspective in their work.
  2. Preferred:
    1. Education/Certification: Currently possess or actively pursuing a Master’s degree in a related field
    2. Experience: 3-5 years of relevant work experience, (Veteran, Reservist, Guard)
    3. Skill/Abilities: Experience with Slate CRM and Jenzabar Student Information Systems

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