PAS-CNA Radiology NTE 3 Years

Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration | Coatesville, PA

Posted Date 12/04/2019
Description Primary function of a Personal Services Assistant {PAS}/Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assigned to an employee for personal nursing care and diagnostic support duties. May also be assigned other Nursing Assistant duties in ambulatory care, mental health, or in CLC. Position is Temporary Not to Exceed, (NTE) 3 years.
Primary function of PAS is assignment to an employee for personal needs. PAS allow individuals to perform activities of daily living that an individual would typically perform if he or she did not have a disability. PAS do not help individuals with disabilities perform their specific job functions. Personal needs for employee include assisting with transfers, mobility, dressing, and attending to daily personal care needs. Functions for PAS assistant for this employee include assistance with removing and putting on clothing and using the restroom. Also pushing a wheelchair or assist with getting into or out of a vehicle at the worksite. PAS do not include, for example, performing medical procedures (e.g., administering shots) or medical monitoring (e.g., monitoring blood pressure).

PAS employee must not have any medical contraindicators for entrance often into Zone 4, such as a pacemaker or brain aneurysm clips. Employee must pass the MR Safety Screening with no issues.

PAS employee will work assigned tour that is of their assigned PAS employee. Tour is 0730-1600 Monday to Friday.

PAS employee has a responsibility to recognize and exhibit good safety practices; to comply with published and communicated safety procedures; to immediately report observed safety infractions and unsafe working conditions; and to report in a timely fashion work related illnesses and injuries.

Many agencies that currently provide PAS employ individuals who also do other work-related asks. Sometimes these work-related tasks are those that are required as a reasonable accommodation. Other times, the work-related tasks are the type that any assistant would provide. However, if an agency does assign additional duties to its PAS providers, it should ensure that those duties do not interfere with provision of PAS, and that all individuals who are entitled to PAS continue to receive them in a timely manner.

The PAS employee accepts duties/assignments outside of his/her normal workstation for purposes of receiving additional training, and to provide needed coverage as determined by his/her supervisor based on patient workload shift/changes and availability of personnel. This may include assisting in another department other than Radiology when the MR clinic is closed due to the MR Technologist on leave or the MR clinic is closed due to equipment inspections or repair.

The PAS employee must be able to help transfer patient from gurneys or wheelchairs on to the Imaging table. The employee will escort the patient after screening by the Level 2 MR Technologist into the MRI zone 4. Once the patient has finished their exam the employee will help the patient off the table, instruct the patient how they will get the results, clean the room, and set up for the next examination.

PAS employee observes patient safety guidelines as set forth in the Radiology department and Medical Center policies and procedures.

Performs procedures and complex medical nursing care treatments under the direction and supervision of the RN according to policies and standard procedures to care for the Veteran for such procedures but not limited to: All GS-4 level skill, Additionally straight catheterizations, applies, sequential compression devices, oral/pharyngeal suctioning, care of gastrostomy site, rectal suppositories for bowel care only, enemas- tap water, soap, or fleets for bowel care, topical medications as per policy, Continuous passive motion device, feeds patients with dysphagia, Bladder scan, care of patients with CPAP, care of patients with peripheral IVs.
  • Completes all assigned routine documentation in CPRS, Care Tracker, and other areas as required.
  • Monitors Veterans for risk behaviors including, but not limited to, elopement, wandering, suicide, fall, behavior, and skin conditions; taking action, when indicated, to include: communicating to appropriate personnel when further intervention is needed and completing necessary documentation.
  • Exercises skill in influencing and communicating with unusually difficult to care for Veterans and communicates appropriately with family members. This includes the ability to effectively deal with the unit Veterans with various medical, cognitive, and psychiatric conditions.
  • Uses proper body mechanics and safe lifting equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE) that promote a safe workplace. Encourages other staff compliance with safety policies
Performs other duties as assigned by the section Supervisor. The supervisor assures that finished work is technically accurate through daily rounds.

Further, the incumbent is trained in contamination containment and isolation techniques to protect himself / herself and others as well as the Radiology section from contamination. Wears appropriate PPE as indicated.

Work Schedule: 0730-1600 Monday to Friday.
Financial Disclosure Report: Not requiredTo qualify for this position, applicants must meet all requirements by the closing date of this announcement, 12/24/2019.
Basic Requirements:
  • United States Citizenship: Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy.
May qualify based on being covered by the Grandfathering Provision as described in the VA Qualification Standard for this occupation (only applicable to current VHA employees who are in this occupation).

Grade Determinations:
At least one year of specialized experience as an Nursing Assistant or experience in another medical field (licensed practical nurse, health technician, hospital corpsman, etc.), performing technical and nursing skills requiring knowledge of the human physical and emotional states, therapeutic communication, and technical skills required for basic and intermediate treatments.
have successfully completed of two (2) years above high school in an accredited institution with courses related to nursing care, health care or in a field of study appropriate to the specialization of the position, such as education in a program for psychology, psychiatric, or operating room technicians.

References: VA Handbook 5005, Part II, Appendix G25.
U.S. Office of Personnel Management 19Nursing Assistant Series, GS-0621 TS-55 August 1981, TS-69 May 1983

The full performance level of this vacancy is GS5. The actual grade at which an applicant may be selected for this vacancy is in the range of GS4-GS5.

Physical Requirements:
- Must be able to perform work that requires regular and recurrent walking standing, bending, lifting 35 lbs. or more, stooping, reaching, stretching, pushing/pulling and similar activities supporting various weights.
- Must be able to care for Veterans with various medical and psychiatric illnesses; sometimes these Veterans exhibit unpredictable behavior
- Must be able to work closely with others
- Must be able to care for Veterans who have potential to be physically or verbally assaultive.
- Must have sufficient hearing to be able to respond to various alarms.
Employee must complete BLS and PMDB training as required

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