Recreation Specialist - Institutional (Recreation Specialist)

Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System | Minersville, PA

Posted Date 11/04/2019

Why work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons?

You can have a meaningful career with an agency that truly values a diverse workforce. You will find a diverse workforce employed from entry level jobs to senior management positions. We protect public safety by ensuring federal offenders serve their sentences of imprisonment in facilities that are safe, humane, and provide reentry programming. Employees at correctional facilities perform correctional work regardless of their specific occupation.

Works under the general direction of the Recreation Supervisor and/or Assistant Supervisor of Recreation. The requirements of the position include knowledge of the goals, principles, methods, and techniques.

Supervises the operation of the recreation and leisure time program. Will solicit suggestions from the inmate population, plan and create recreational activities based upon research, purchase the equipment and supplies needed for such programs, draw up necessary tournament rosters, etc., and assure that appropriate recreational activities take place in a timely fashion.

Responsible for planning, developing, and implementing special recreation programs, i.e., yoga, varsity softball, aerobics, etc.

Assist the Recreation Supervisor and the other recreation/sports specialists in planning, organizing, advising on and administering recreation activities and programs which promote the physical, creative and social development.

Along with all other correctional institution employees, incumbent is charged with responsibility for maintaining security of the institution. The staffs correctional responsibilities precede all others required by this position and are performed on a regular and recurring basis.

To be considered for the position, you must meet the following qualification requirements:


GL-05: A 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree.

GL-07: 1 full year of graduate level education or superior academic achievement.

Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Major study-general recreation, or one of the appropriate fields of recreation, such as outdoor recreation; recreation and parks leadership; wild land recreation management; natural resources recreation; youth recreation; public, urban, or community recreation; special populations recreation (e.g., senior citizens, institutional, etc.); or physical education.



GL-05: You must have at least three years of general experience, one year of which was equivalent to at least the GL-04. This experience is defined as that which provided a knowledge of the goals, principles, methods, and techniques of recreation, and an understanding of the interests of individuals or groups.

Some examples of this qualifying experience are:

  • Experience as a group leader, counselor or similar work in public and private recreation programs for adults or children, or as a teacher’s aide in elementary school recreation.
  • Experience in recreation and leisure activities gained in summer camps, local playgrounds, YWCA and YMCA clubs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, community centers, religious organizations, theme parks or tourist attractions.
  • Experience in assisting with recreation activities while on active military duty, assisting with resort recreational activities such as setting up areas for games, tournaments, or other organized group recreational activities.

GL-07: You must have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent in difficulty and complexity to the GL-05 grade level. Experience at this level demonstrates the ability to apply principles of one or more specialty areas of recreation.

Some examples of this qualifying experience are:

  • Experience in developing team sports and activities or tournaments.
  • Experience that demonstrates skill in a wide range of participant interest, experience in developing and overseeing a recreation program’s daily operation and primarily organize and direct participants.
  • Experience in developing and implementing activities and arrange for community resources, experience in developing indoor and outdoor activities to meet the needs of an inmate population.


Combination of Education and Experience:

GL-05 and GL-07: You may have a combination of successfully completed post-high school education and experience. This experience must have equipped you with the particular qualifications to perform the major duties of this position as described above.

If applicable, credit will be given for paid and unpaid experience. To receive proper credit, you must show the actual time (such as the number of hours worked per week) spent in activities.

**Your eligibility for consideration will be based on your responses to the questions in the application.**

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