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Posted Date 9/09/2019

WHAT IS THE SMALL BUSINESS/SELF-EMPLOYED (SBSE) DIVISION? The Small Business/Self-Employed (SB/SE) Division provides examinations and taxpayer education services for about 7 million small businesses and upwards of 33 million self-employed and supplemental income taxpayers.

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WHAT DOES A SENIOR MANAGEMENT AND PROGRAM ANALYST DO? As a Senior Management and Program Analyst you will be responsible for accomplishing major analytical studies and correspondence and other writing projects relating to substantive, mission-oriented programs of the Internal Revenue Service as well as day-to-day and long range planning for the Commissioner and other key officials within the Commissioner's immediate office or the Executive Secretariat.

As a Management and Program Analyst you will: 

  • Meets with managers and executives within the Service as well as executives from other agencies, Congressional staff, and members of the private sector to define the overall goals and objectives of the assignment.
  • Prepares action plans and schedules for various phases of program accomplishment, both short and long-range; ensures that plans are consistent with the goals, schedules and policies of the IRS and Executive Secretariat.
  • Prepares recommendations for resource requirements to accomplish correspondence and other writing projects, negotiates with managers of various components of the Service, other agencies and the private sector to obtain needed resources and support.
  • Conducts in-depth analyses of office work/function and input; identifies problem areas and determines how to resolve them.
  • Prepares office directives, memoranda, policy statements, and other written guidelines and recommendations relating to assigned programs/projects. Conducts briefings and prepares comprehensive reports to keep managers and executives advised of plans and progress and to communicate findings and recommendations.
  • Represents the Office of the Commissioner or the Executive Secretariat interests and endeavors for the assigned program/ project throughout the Service and other agencies. 

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You must meet the following requirements by the closing date of this announcement:


GS-13 LEVEL: You must have 1 year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position includes: experience that demonstrated management of a wide range of sensitive and high profile correspondence received by senior officials. Knowledge of project management techniques to plan, schedule, and conduct complex projects; mission, organization, and work processes to evaluate complex projects and studies and the ability to identify problem areas, trends, deficiencies, or other similar factors affecting operations. Your experience must include oral communication techniques to present findings, deliver briefings, and negotiate solutions to disputed recommendations; and be sufficient to demonstrate an understanding of correspondence management programs, functions and operations, and their interrelationships in fostering an effective working relationship with key stakeholders. 

- The experience may have been gained in the public sector, private sector or Volunteer Service. One year of experience refers to full-time work; part-timework is considered on a prorated basis.

- To ensure full credit for your work experience, please indicate dates of employment by month/year, and indicate number of hours worked per week, on your resume.

In addition to the above requirements, you must meet the following, if applicable:

You must have been at the GS-12 level for 52 weeks (time-in-grade requirement).

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