Assistant Director, Bureau of Epidemiology

Commonwealth of PA | Dauphin County, PA

Posted Date 3/25/2020
Description The Pennsylvania Department of Health is looking for an Assistant Bureau Director within the Bureau of Epidemiology.  
  • Full-time employment
  • Work Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Monday - Friday
This position, in the Bureau of Epidemiology, supports the organization's mission of protecting the public's health through its responsibility for assisting the Bureau Director in managerial, administrative and scientific duties.  This is a supervisory position.

1. Investigation.  Leads, plans, directs, conducts and oversees investigations or studies.  Leads complex, multi-state, or statewide investigations.  Ensures quality of investigations or studies.  
2. Prevention and control.  Reviews, edits or approves prevention and control recommendations using best practices and published guidance where available.  Develops policies/procedures for prevention and control measures as assigned.
3. Surveillance.  Oversees the collection, management, analysis and interpretation of epidemiologic data for a public health program.  Oversees design of surveillance systems.  Identifies surveillance needs.
4. Consultation.  Oversees managers and supervisors providing expert consultation to other departmental staff, health agencies, health care providers, etc. in the identification and analysis of outbreaks or clusters.
5. Presentation, Publication, and Dissemination of Data.  Oversees staff responsible for determining the need for study, designing the study, study methods, identifying of key findings, providing data definitions, interpreting data, and explaining limitations of data.  Supervises staff presenting epidemiologic findings and professional experiences via professional journals, national and regional conferences, and other means as appropriate, to disseminate information and advance scientific knowledge.  Leads workgroups, conference calls, conferences, etc. 
6. Development and Maint Infrastructure.  Identifies funding availability, drafts grant applications, directs completion of grant applications, ensures availability of and evaluates program data.  Develops and sustains relationships with partners.  Participates and leads in workgroups.
7. Staff Leadership/Supervision and Management.  Assists the Director, Bureau of Epidemiology in providing scientific, administrative, and program direction to managers and supervisors leading public health or environmental health epidemiology programs.  Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of performance measures.  Represents the Bureau of Epidemiology to executive staff and advocacy groups.  

May supervise other epidemiology staff as assigned by completing performance evaluations, approving/disapproving leave, effecting discipline, and making hiring decisions.  When assigned supervision, performs the full range of supervisory responsibilities, including assigning, prioritizing, and reviewing work; conducting employee performance management; approving/disapproving leave and travel requests; participating in staffing activities; coordinating employee discipline; and training staff, including coaching and team building. 

Work requires occasional statewide travel and irregular/flexible work hours including overnights, weekends and holidays in accordance with policy. Employee may travel using public transportation, private transportation or carpooling with other epidemiology investigation team members as assigned.  

Public Health Emergency Response This position may be assigned to an emergency assignment to support the public health emergency response mission of the Department of Health.  Emergency assignments could at times be received with little or no advance notice, and may continue for any period of time – ranging from a few hours to several weeks, depending upon the nature of the circumstance.  The emergency assignments may at times be performed under adverse conditions and may require travel to another site other than the employee's assigned headquarters for periods of time.

Other duties as assigned. 

Competencies and tasks: From the CDC/CSTE Competencies for Applied Epidemiologists in Governmental Public Health Agencies. 
Assessment and Analysis Skills
- Lead surveillance activities
- Ensure that staff apply principles of good ethical/legal practice as they relate to study design and data collection, dissemination, and use
- Develop evidence-based interventions and control measures in response to epidemiologic findings
- Evaluate programs
Basic Public Health Sciences Skills
- Apply principles including data collection, processing, and analysis, in support of epidemiologic practice
Communication Skills 
- Supervise the development of written and oral reports and presentations 
- Use effective communication strategies
Community Dimensions of Practice
- Provide epidemiologic input into epidemiologic studies, public health programs, and community public health planning processes at the state, local, or tribal level
- Participate in development of community partnerships to support epidemiologic investigations
Cultural Competency
- Describe population by race; ethnicity; culture; societal, educational, and professional backgrounds; age; gender; religion; disability; and sexual orientation
- Establish relationships with groups of special concern (e.g., disadvantaged or minority groups, groups subject to health disparities, historically underrepresented groups)
- Conduct investigations using languages and approaches tailored to the population
- Use standard population categories or subcategories when performing data analysis
- Use knowledge of specific sociocultural factors in the population to interpret findings
- Recommend public health actions that would be relevant to the affected community
Financial and Operational Planning and Management Skills
- Conduct epidemiological activities within the financial and operational plan of the agency
- Advise on the development of a fiscally sound budget that will support the activities defined in the operational plan and is consistent with the financial rules of the agency
- Implement operational and financial plans
- Assist in preparation of proposals for extramural funding
- Use management skills
- Use skills that foster collaborations, strong partnerships, and team building to accomplish epidemiology program objectives 
Leadership and Systems Thinking
- Support the epidemiologic perspective in the agency strategic planning process
- Promote the organization's vision in all programs and activities 
- Use performance measures to evaluate and improve epidemiology program effectiveness
- Promote ethical conduct in epidemiologic practice
- Promote workforce development
- Prepare for emergency response
Policy Development
(Technology Skills)

- Maintain office calendar and email communications using Microsoft Office/Outlook.
- Prepare and synthesize surveillance data using appropriate spreadsheet application such as Excel.
- Prepare correspondence and epidemiological reports using Microsoft Word.
- Prepare presentations using presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint.
- Use SAS, SPSS and other statistical programs to organize, analyze and report on data
- Access data in commonwealth or DOH systems such as NEDSS or LIMS
- Be willing to learn epidemiology specific applications such as Epi Info or RedCap
- Be willing to learn new surveillance software
- Evaluate surveillance systems and recommend improvements 
- Be willing to learn ArcGIS
- Be willing to learn to map data

- Initiative/Self Starting
- Continuous Learner/Self Learner
- Independent, directs own work
- Interpersonal
- Empathy
- Critical thinking/common senseQualifications:
  • PA residency requirement currently waived for this title
  • Minimum Experience and Training Requirements: Four years of professional experience investigating disease outbreaks or clusters, designing and conducting epidemiologic studies, or designing and maintaining an epidemiologic surveillance system, which includes one year of supervisory experience; and a doctoral degree in medicine (MD), osteopathy (DO), dentistry (DDS/DDM/DMD), veterinary medicine (DVM), epidemiology, health, biology, chemistry, nursing, pharmacy, or a closely related field that includes or is supplemented by three doctoral level credits in statistics, social sciences, or population studies.
  • If you are claiming education in your answers to the supplemental application questions, you must attach a copy of your college transcripts for your claim to be accepted toward meeting the minimum requirements.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.  
    • If you are provided directions to upload transcripts during the application process but you cannot currently obtain them due to the temporary educational institution closures, please upload the official response from your institution regarding your request.  In addition, if asked to provide transcripts for specific coursework, e.g., 12 credits in social science, you may upload a list of completed courses you believe are qualifying in place of the transcripts. The list must include the name of the school(s), course titles completed with a passing grade, and number of credits for each course.   Once you receive a copy of your transcripts, you may send the document(s) and the specific job title and job number to which you applied to   If selected for a position, you may be required to provide an official transcript to verify educational requirements.
  • Must be able to perform essential job functions
Veterans: Pennsylvania law (51 Pa. C.S. §7103) provides employment preference for qualified veterans for appointment to many state and local government jobs.  To learn more about employment preferences for veterans, go to and click the Veterans' Preference tab or contact us at
Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS):  711 (hearing and speech disabilities or other individuals)
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.
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  • Score based on information reported on application and supplemental questions
  • Provide complete and accurate information or:
    • application processing may be delayed
    • disqualification may result
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